I care deeply about these majestic creatures and will continue to write about them, what we can do to save them from extinction and share some of my personal stories. I feel a calling to speak up for them and I hope with all my heart that some will care as much as I do. For now, here are 6 simple things that you can implement effortlessly in daily life and it will make a difference. Thank you for joining me <3

6 Things you can do EVERYDAY that will help save Magical Dolphins: 

1. Don't use bleach -it goes into the ocean and into their bloodstream. It is a poison. If we ingest it, we die. Same with them. Replace it with Borax or Vinegar and be happy that you're not toxifying your clothes. 

2. Replace chemical household cleaners with natural ones - put a few drops of cedar oil or tea tree oil in a spray bottle with some water and voila! No harmful vapors or artificial coloring/scents - which all cleaners off the shelf contain. Plus, you'll feel good about re-using the same bottle rather than putting them into landfill or reproducing more plastic.

3. Do NOT buy plastic bottled water!!!! This is a terrible thing! It did not exist 30 years ago and it has made an island the size of Texas in the ocean! I'll do a whole other post on that. For now, just use ONE REUSABLE Bottle and fill it up everyday before you leave your house. Simple.

4. Don't use straws - these choke all sea life AND all birdlife!!!. We can easily drink without them. Straws are not worth lives. 

5. BOYCOTT SeaWorld / Dolphinariums / Whale-Watching / Dolphin-Watching Cruises!!! These are all terrible killers to all creatures who use sonar frequencies for communication and who live in pods. When SeaWorld caught wild Orcas for entertainment from the Puget Sound, they cut their population in half. It has not recovered, their death rate is currently (2018) double what their birth rate is and they may never recover even though it has been 40 years. 

For cruises and whale watching / dolphin watching tours, please, please, please understand that these creatures cannot exist without sonar communication, and they are not able to communicate  when these boats chase them. I have experienced this first hand in their world and am speaking from experience. The frequencies penetrate the water and it feels like a catastrophic earthquake - the whole world rumbles and vibrates. I was simply diving, and do not have the spectrum that they have. These boats chasing them leads creates stress, starvation, separation and death.

6. BOYCOTT TUNA! If you eat tuna, dolphins have died for it. Dolphin deaths are 300 TIMES HIGHER from tuna fishing than from the Taiji Dolphin killers famous in the movie The Cove. Over 300,000 whales and dolphins are killed each year in tuna fishing. Read more here.