We like to empower other Female Entrepreneurs. We support them and commission their services and products because imagine a world where all female creative entrepreneurs felt supported in their dreams? It would change social and economical positions worldwide pretty quickly. Each month we highlight a different female entrepreneur that we've supported and hope that you will too!!! 


Handmade Flax Linen Towels from Alla in Latvia

I learned so much about hand towels in the process of purchasing them from Alla and I can't wait to share this timeless wisdom with you!!! She hand makes each one to order from scratch so each one is intending for the individual. These are classy and beautiful. I felt so good about supporting Alla instead of Target and also about supporting this natural plant (an environmental bonus) rather than chemicals, polyesters (which are plastics) and toxic dyes which permeate the shelves of the chain stores. I hope you will be as fascinated to read her story and knowledge of this craft as I was: 

"My name is Alla. I am a designer and just a creative personality. In the modern time of progress and rush we tend to go back to our origin – everything that is natural authentic. For this reason our family some time ago moved to live closer to nature, and now I have a sauna that I have always dreamed of. Being inspired by a morning view from my window I had an idea to create a product line for body and soul. After some “testing” on my family members and friends I made some admirers and regular clients. And now I decided to share my products with you. My products are made by me and with love and positive energy put into each thing. These products are handmade and each of them has its individuality and may differ insignificantly from each other and from images provided.

Flax is considered to be the most ancient culture. Flaxen products appeared approximately 5 thousand years ago. Linen is natural fibre of floral origin. Its natural qualities are that it is very strong and may last up to 300 washings. *Buying a product made of linen you may be sure that it would not only serve you for a very long time but will also preserve its beautiful look and remedial qualities. **This absolutely ecologically clean cloth is a natural antiseptic. Linen contains silicon dioxide that suppresses development of bacteria. In many SPA -saloons “flax wrapping” is a very popular procedure that not only regenerates the skin but has also a remedial effect. Linen is considered to be a “live cloth” and it is not recommended to iron it in order to keep its remedial qualities. If you are tired or feel unwell swaddle into a flax sheet and you will immediately feel relief and full of energy again."

Kind regards,



-Fine Linen Goods, Warsaw, Poland

SoLinen is co-owned/operated by two rocking females: Nina & Monika. I bought lots of long white linen curtains and pillow cases from them last month and they are gorgeous. Every time I do this I learn so much about a craft that I didn't know before the purchase (things we don't learn shopping at Target). These are curtains you'll have for life, rather than take to Goodwill or the dumpster every time you move (which I used to do). I became aware of my disposable habits AFTER I bought these curtains because I realized it was the first time I had curtains that I really cared about and hence they weren't disposable. Big lesson!

Their shop can be found here 

Their Story: 

Do you want to know the inside story of 'so linen'?

At the beginning...we felt in love with flax. Linen is not a typical fabric. It is living material.It is a plant which breathes, needs sun and minerals to grow. It is a flower. Gentle and pure, with unique smell. It is a part of ecosystem - like a human. It is alive! Linen doesn't need to be decorated or woven in a unique way...because the whole beauty lies in the natural appearance and valuable properties of this fabric. Linen is a value in itself.

"Love what you do and do what you love” - according to this motto, after finishing studies we decided to create our little (so, so little) company. Two polish friends and first of all – an incredible passion to simplicity and need of living close to nature.

Afterwards the time has come and the first linen products were produced: for yourself, for family, for friends. After small success in Poland we decided that it is the high time to share our linen ideas with the rest of the world here on Etsy.