Wonder Pipes is a woman-owned and led company dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility. Each pipe is handmade with positive vibes and extraordinary care to last your whole life. Handmade in Seattle, Washington, each piece starts from scratch on the pottery wheel, then is sculpted, hand-carved and hand-painted. Your pipe is made of the most natural materials as it is made of Earth! Each pipe is slow-crafted from the four elements that are inherent in the process: earth, water, air and fire. Pottery is an ancient craft and was considered sacred in Native American tribes, as were pipes. Through Wonder Pipes, I intend to bring the slow sacredness of this art form and ceremonial smokeware back to our modern age. 
I have been throwing for 17 years (about 30,000 hours) and have BFA in Ceramics from University of Washington Seattle. I launched the collection on Jan 1, 2018 & named it after my high school nickname, J Wonder. I created the company to support two causes I really, REALLY care about: Female Entrepreneurs & Dolphin Protection. I wanted to use my creativity to make a company with a double (social/ethical) bottom line that supports more than just me and can expand to make positive lasting changes in the world in other areas beyond my life, so a portion of EVERY sale goes toward these two causes. If you'd like to learn more about me, read on: 

I've been making things my whole life!! My grandmother was a professional craftswoman who taught me many skills as a young child & I credit her for showing me the peaceful process of creativity. She was the creator of a popular Native American porcelain doll collection that she sold throughout the Southwest where I would fly down & spend summers with her. We worked together in her screened-in ceramics studio next to a golf course in the tiny village of Queen Valley, AZ where she taught me everything: slip casting doll parts, painting them, designing their outfits/accessories and we frequently visited Native American reservations & pueblos in the area to do research and purchase stones for her to make their traditional jewelry with (mostly Apache & Navajo). Last year I called her and thanked her for guiding me into the process of creativity after realizing what a powerful & positive impact it has had on my life.....
How I started making pipes: My Aunt was in the first pool of legal cannabis growers in WA State and I watched her turn her Cherry Orchard into an outdoor grow from 2014-2017. While getting her license, she taught me a lot about the new industry & inspired me to create a beautiful & modern handcrafted line. I believe the recent cannabis legalization will have a very positive impact on society & I'm so happy we get to experience this in our generation! I want to thank you all for your support & keeping me busy right from the start, and for all of your love & comments! To read selected press, click here.
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